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Online Income Solutions

Life On The Internet

The World Is At Your Finger Tips. Let's Make It Enhance Your Life.

There are 40,000 Google queries every single second. It’s likely the most massively consistent action step people do in our generation. And, if you aren’t trying to make a online income from it in one shape or form, you’ll be left in the dust years from now. is a site created to celebrate those who are internet junkies, as well as those who feel the gravitational pull, but aren’t quite sure how they can be involved, so to speak. It’s also about helping off-line business owners improve their rankings and build better websites replete with useful widgets and income generating systems. 


– Best Work At Home Opportunity


Affiliate marketing.

– Grind For Three Hours A Day, Retire Early


-Advertise your business on your own blog

-Super affiliate shows you how to make money by not spending a penny


The Attraction Marketing Comprehensive Guide

Que Is Attraction Marketing?

– It’s In Nature Everywhere


A comprehensive guide to affiliate markeing.

– Learn to make big money fast


Easy Internet Income

– Simple Income



– Blog For Passive Income


The Super Powers Of Creating Online Passive Income

– Learn Internet Skills Marketing Skills In A Week



– Business Owner’s Great Accomplishments



– Simply Cut & Paste Prewritten text


Make Your Website Come To Life

Real Life Actionable Strategies

Creative Business Solutions

For Individuals & Small Businesses

Internet Income Generators


Print Media Specialists

Winner of four Maggie Awards for excellence in magazine design and journalism, we are adroit on the Adobe Suite programs and create only out-of-this-world media.

Content Creators

We write up your alley. We are word smiths, who love melding verbiage to pictures, thoughts, clients and business processes. We are bloggers, authors, editors and very fast typists. Using keywords are our game.

Graphic Designers

We love to light a page on fire with fiery design elements that ignite readers’ attention. We are resourceful, innovative and love to brand companies. 

Restaurant Web Developers

We have over 50 stupendous templates ready to be customized to your establishment. Click icon below to see one sample. All you need to get going is your menu, images, if you have, and outline of what you’d like on site. Boom, it will be done in 48 hours. 


online income solutions
40 Restaurant Designs

Personal Blogs - Make $24K/Year

The average blogger makes $24K/year. Some blogs make nothing and some make millions, but has taken them years to generate that much. It’s simple, and we can get you off and running. For only $400. We’ll create one-page, set it all up and you just do the writing and posting about three times a week, and in about five months you could have a passive income created for life!


Create a blog in a niche you are passionate about and add affiliate links to generate income. Ad AdSense to create more income.

Google My Business Completion, Including GMB Website $200

Lynx Media will fill in and complete your Google My Business, which will allow you to get on Google Maps, and a full Knowledge Panel will display. This will increase your chances of getting in three-pack local box.

  1. NAP 
  2. Hours & events
  3. Verification with Google
  4. Google’s micro website
  5. Keyword rich data added
  6. Add photos and will create video from photos submitted.


Websites & Blogs

The Internet Life
With 40,000 Searches A Second, Your Website Should Be Your Retirement Income, Or A Passive Income Stream


Businesses should not only make money by driving clients to their store fronts, but by monetizing their websites. Individuals too should create a personal blog to generate a couple hundred or several thousands of dollars a month promoting their passions. Fact is, if you’re not making money online with the billions and billions of people at your finger tips, you’re missing out on generating a great and potenially lifetime income stream.

Need a fresh, new and enticing website replete with the proper plug-ins, widgets and keywords? We can achieve that for you in as little as 48 hours. Lynx Media has three website packages available and over 200 professionally designed templates ready to be customized. The packages include basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A full on SEO package starts at $1,500 and there is a “Buy Now” button for it. To get started, purchase the package that best suites you or your business’ needs, and we’ll send you an intake form to ascertain what needs to be achieved and what you envision to accomplish your goals. 


One-Page Site For $400

A one-page website with up to eight sections we’re making available for only $400. This includes cursory SEO, images design and writing. This site will be done in 48 hours, providing you get all information needed to us at time of purchase. We can migrate your “old” site and domain or simply create a totally new domain name and hosting for free, but the SLL Certificate is not included and can be purchased through us below. 


Three-Page Site For $1,850

This includes all that the one-page package does, but has three pages and includes the SSL Certificate, legal docs (privacy statement, terms of conditions and disclosure of affiliate products), if you choose to monetize your site. This site can include one page of e-commerce goods to sell as well. This three-page site will also have blog entries and include the AMP, Opt-In Form and social media share button plugins, or what is most relevant to your business. This site will be completed in five working days. 


4 To 8-Page Site For $4,850

This four to eight page site with up to eight sections on each page, includes all outlined in the above packages, but will take up to five weeks to complete. It also includes a full SEO package, submission to 50 website directories and Google My Business set-up. 


Digital Services For $100

There are several services we provide, all landing at $100. Herein are the services. 

  1. Three 1,000-Word Articles – Keyword Rich
  2. SSL Certificate – Install & Fixes
  3. Domain Name & Hosting – Research Included
  4. Social Media Manager – Four Hours
  5. Submit WP Sitemap, On-Page SEO

Income Builders

WordPress Designers

We create websites in WordPress and Wix. We design to match client’s needs and brand. We use all sorts of themes and provide SEO services to boot the Google bots into high rankings.


If you are burning to make an online cash machine so you can work from home and create wealth, this blog is for you. Enroll in our course now and liquid cash will be on its way in laser-beam speed.


Marketing Specialists

We offer data-driven services to help acquire more clients and closings. We create long-lasting impressions on the web and off. As experts in the print media business , we can help you get your print media done quickly and expertly. Ditto for online assets.


Auto Pilot Marketing

We’re specializing in automobile web design and have 40 templates in the car and truck industries ready to be customized. With great design coupled with SEO optimizations, you could 10X your business. How about selling auto parts, decals or other relevant products on your site; bringing in another line of income. We can do that for you. Check out one sample site by clicking on icon below. 


40 Automobile Car Industry Designs

Professional Business Websites & Insights

All our website designs are responsive, meaning they work seemlessly on all devices. Our designs are dynamic, intriguing and geared up to generate results. Whether your business is small or large, we have a 30-year history of bringing results in advertising and marketing. Benefit from local SEO, being put on Google Maps, and quick turn around times. Click image below to see one sample of 40 ready-to-be-customized templates. 


Internet Income
From construction companies, dentists, doctors, lawyers and small business owners, we create websites that reflect your unique branding.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization includes primary and secondary keyword implementation, meta tag descriptions, keyword phrases, title tags, category indicators, internal and external linking, and authoritative articles. Such plugins as AMP, Google Analytics and security guards along with SSL Certificate will also be installed. Google Console sitemap and verification will be completed along with indexing and pinging site to browse directories and Google citation included. 


Lynx Media Designs & Marketing



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